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AccessPath for Business Buildings

An efficient, cost effective way to unleash the power of high speed communication throughout your company. Subrigo Internet service provides you with 100Mb to 100Gb of dedicated bandwidth.

AccessPath Premium Internet Access

As a Subrigo Internet access customer, you can also take advantage of the below related services provided over IP.

24/7 customer support with SLA
Static IP Addresses
Back up Connection with Auto Failover
Optional Hardware-as-a-Service
Packages starting at $97/month

Pre-Service Facility Requirements if your building is not on the Subrigo Network

Subrigo will be pleased to receive your request for our highly reliable and efficient telecom services. Our services are typically delivered over redundant and diverse connections such as fiber optic and fixed spectrum connections.

Prior to your order moving to the next phase of the provisioning process, your office or residential building must be in compliance with the below facility requirements:


Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cable entrance from the street to the building MPOE (Only required for SurePath)



120V AC electrical power in the phone room (If not available Subrigo will install it)


Equipment Space

Wall space in the phone room to mount and install our service delivery equipment


Tenant Suites

Conduit from phone room to the tenants’ suites (If not available Subrigo will install it)



Conduit from the phone room to the roof (If not available Subrigo will install it)



Rooftop space for a non-penetrating mast or mounting pipe for communications equipment

Finally; we’ll require a staff access for network service and maintenance

Let's put the management team in touch!

Please have your building management contact our business development team at 1-213-325-2539 or at

Thank you for selecting Subrigo as your service provider. We look forward to providing you with world class services.

Subrigo International Corporation

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